A Brief History

Norell® was founded in 1967 in New York City by Mark W. Norell. From the start Mark was interested in changing industry standards and pushing product development ever forward.

In 1977 Norell Inc., known for high-value products, developed and pioneered the first high-throughput NMR tube which proved to be of the highest quality by a comparison and evaluation study at Harvard University in 1988. The study revealed that Norell’s® XR-55 NMR tube produced higher resolution results than a leading competitor’s and at a much lower price.

From the beginning Norell®  has pushed for advancements in NMR spectroscopy through tireless innovation. Today Norell® continues to bring new products to market by exploring new manufacturing methods, Inventing them where ever necessary.

Norell® Today

Norell® serves the scientific community worldwide as a leading research and development company with over 57 years of experience in NMR Spectroscopy. We offer customers the highest quality and service along with new innovative products for scientific research. Through imagination and innovation Norell® achieves results in science and in business.

Supported by a Technical Service Department, Engineering Department and a full machine shop Norell® develops it’s own, in-house, custom manufacturing capabilities. From our history of producing custom glass tubing sizes to our new exploration in compostable biopolymer products Norell® is replacing traditional petroleum-based plastics. New innovations are made possible through our additive manufacturing processes that continuously evolve. Through necessity we add manufacturing capabilities as needs arise. If there is a goal we wish to accomplish but do not currently have the technical capability then that capability is quickly added to our in-house manufacturing process.

Staying fluid and honing our ability to move independently of external variables has kept Norell® resilient to external forces. During the pandemic, for example, we were able to persist due to our vertically integrated capabilities from manufacturing to marketing.

Supporting the Community

Students and researchers are essential to the future. Bringing minds together with experience in one place at one time - creates opportunity for students and their mentors to interact with peers and industry representatives. Using the Experimental Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Conference (ENC), held annually, as the platform Norell® is able to facilitate these meetings and collaboration. Norell® provides stipends to allow students the opportunity to attend the conference. We promote the student research on our website, https://secure.nmrtubes.com/support/enc, and in our catalog to provide exposure and experience for the students to promote themselves and their abilities as well as their research. To date Norell® has provided stipends for over 100 students to attend and participate at the ENC.

Supporting the Customer

Norell® offers an extensive library of print media and technical illustrations to illuminate the products and scientific processes associated with our products. Our ever-evolving product catalog has grown immensely over the last few decades. We use highly accurate and detailed technical illustrations alongside written directions to help guide young, brilliant minds who are new to NMR Spectroscopy. In addition to the Norell® catalog we offer access to product-specific operating instructions through an extensive download section on our website, https://secure.nmrtubes.com/support/document-downloads.


Norell® offers only the highest quality scientific products at the best possible value. Our internal product development, marketing & manufacturing allows us to adjust fluidly to an ever changing world while exploring new ways to improve on existing industry standards. Since 1967 Norell® has remained committed to getting results though imagination, innovation and results in science and in business. For over 5 decades we’ve Built a Reputation, Not Rested on One.

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