Technical Information

What are the glass formations of the Standard Series™ and Select Series™ NMR tubes?
What is concentricity?
What is camber?
What effects do concentricity and camber have on my analysis?
Why does one brand of NMR tubes fit differently into my spinner turbine(s) than another brand?
What is the difference between the NORELL® brand Select Series™ and the NORELL® brand Standard Series™?
Can a 100 MHz tube be used in a 500 MHz spectrometer?
What tube do I order for high resolution NMR?
What tube do I order for monitoring a chemical reaction?
How clean is a NORELL® Brand NMR tube?
How can I heat seal an NMR tube?
What temperature should I use to dry my tubes after washing?
What pressure can my NMR tube hold?
How can I do Silicon NMR with a glass tube which is predominately made out of Silicon dioxide?
What tube should I use for Boron NMR, since Boron is present in Borosilicate glass?
What is the internal volume of a sample whose height is 5.0 cm from the bottom of a 5mm OD NMR tube, which has a tube ID of 0.42 cm?
What temperature range can I use the NORELL® Select Series™ vs. the NORELL® Standard Series™?
When should I use a Screw Cap vs. a NORELL® VT NMR tube?
I have noticed diminishing power to my probe. Could this be a result of damage from my NMR tubes?

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